Hello and welcome back to my website.  What a Very Busy start to the year have a new born baby boy the new Master Geocacheruk photo left also going to Events.   

This page is about me. I have only been doing this from Since: 24/2/2010 and I am a Premium Member under geocacheruk so please feel free to add me as a freind if you would like.

Update 20/9/2013 I am up to 248 Geocaches from UK to Overseas 

I will put my new photos from my overseas Geocaching Tour 

I also a online member to Geocacher University 

I now have samsung note 2 which I using for Geocaching on my walks which works ok but need to use my GPS550T to find the Caches and then Log.

I sorry to says again that some of my geocoins and travel bugs are still going missing. But on the happy side some have turn up a 1 year later :) Please see the Travel Logs  

Dunstan AKA Geocacheruk  Update 29/09/2013

I have losted a lot Geocoins and Travel bugs and had - 20 Geocaches which I have hidden in 18 in London in EN3 postcode & 2 in North Devon but a lot need be fixed

Caches maybe like this in the woodland.
Profile for dunstanuk                  

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